We provide cutting edge advice to high rainfall zone farmers and graziers in agronomy and farm business management. We take a whole of business approach and our advice is underpinned by proven science, evidence based research and sound economics.

We help our clients to:

  • Re-think their farming systems (farm layout, enterprises, technology, labor, etc) 

  • Improve strategic planning and set production and business targets

  • Identify profit drivers, set and monitor key performance indicators

  • Identify soil physical and chemical imbalances and find solutions

  • Improve feed supply to fill feed gaps and optimize DSEs carried 

  • Fine tune stocking decisions

  • Apply best practice to the management of environmental assets

  • Reduce business risks and optimize financial returns 

We assist clients to find untapped potential in their farming businesses, to adopt modern management strategies and ultimately improve business and personal goals.

Chris Houghton – Principle advisor

Chris completed a Bachelor of Applied Science-Agriculture at Hawkesbury Agricultural College in 1986, and a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education at the University of SA in 1994. Over the past 35 years has gained considerable experience across farming, education and agricultural consulting.

Chris is known to communicate well with farmers. He places strong emphasis on timely and effective decision making based on the best possible information. His skills in assessing farm resources and guiding cost effective improvement of soils, pastures and crops are highly valued. He stands by the moto “If it can’t be measured it can’t be managed”. He emphasizes the need for clients to consider whole of business performance, to analyse enterprise productivity and to seek performance levels in line with industry leaders.

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