Whether looking to expand or to purchase the first farm clients are helped to make the best decision. Our role is to provide an independent viewpoint encourage clients to step back and consider all possible options. Our advice is direct and clear to ensure that any purchase decision is based on facts and achievable objectives.

Advice is provided on the physical attributes of the farm; soil quality and fertility, pastures and their development potential, weeds, pests, water supply, erosion and drainage. Information is also provided on the quality of the built structures such as fences, roads, yards and sheds, as they relate to the operation of a farm.

Advice is also provided on enterprises suitability, and production constraints such as acid soils, water supply, stock yards and infrastructures, drainage and issues likely to affect animal health.

If optimum return on capital is your aim a business analysis can be undertaken to help you to evaluate a range of options, risks and possible outcomes. Documents can be prepared for presentation to investors or financial institutions.

If the decision is taken to purchase a reasonably complex and large scale property, an Advisory Board (Link) can be established to oversee management and ensure quality business planning, governance and reporting for the first year or two. This provides a “transition to management” period while new owners gain confidence with the management of the farm if the learning curve is steep.

This service can link well with the RAPID Pasture Improvement service.

Note: Farm houses are not considered as they should be inspected by someone who is suitably qualified in that area.