About the training program:   

Participants learn how to improve farm feedbase and farm profitability. Cropping strategies are planned to ensure that weeds are cleaned up and to generate fund for the pasture establishment phase. The program covers the science behind critical decision making in areas such as pasture species selection, inputs and grazing strategies.


Target audience: Livestock producers

Delivery: Pre-reading / activities plus 3 x 6hr sessions with farm visits.



  • Understanding farm zones (soils, pastures, pests, weeds, slope)

  • Planning fertilisers and soil ameliorants

  • Cropping strategies for better pastures

  • Pasture establishment

  • Calculating costs and returns

  • Grazing management for better production and utilisation


Cost per participant:  $1350 (GST Excl)




About the training program:   

Participants learn to manage grazing to get the best pasture performance and return on pasture investment. This program combines good science with practical strategies.


Target audience: Livestock producers.

Delivery:  Pre-reading / activities plus 2 x 6hr sessions with case study and farm visit.



  • Grazing management principles

  • Pasture dry matter assessment

  • Feed budgeting - Production planning and feed risk management

  • Planning a rotational grazing system for your farm


Cost per participant:  $850 (GST Excl)



3.WEED MANAGER - Serrated Tussock

About the seminar:

Promotes use of proven science and practices used in achieving long term serrated tussock control. Includes innovative approaches and practical strategies that work.


Target audience: Livestock producers & public land managers.

Delivery: Pre-reading / activities plus 1 x 6hr session with case study and farm visit.



  • Understanding serrated tussock biology

  • Plan controls efficiently using a zone management approach

  • Techniques for tracking and mapping weed infestations

  • Developing your serrated tussock management plan

  • Herbicide resistance

Cost per participant:  $490 (GST Excl)



About the seminar:

This seminar takes the mystery out of soil testing and interpretation of results. On completion participants should understand how to collect a representative soil sample for analysis, know the meaning of soil test numbers and be able to make better decisions on fertiliser and soil ameliorants.


Target audience: Livestock producers & public land managers.

Delivery: Pre-reading and activities plus 1 x 4hr session including field work.



  • Correct soil sampling and common pitfalls

  • The science behind the numbers

  • Making better fertiliser decisions

  • Cost:benefits

Cost per participant:  $350 (GST Excl)