Combining independent analysis and objective management with the commitment of family farming.

How does it work?

1. The Board normally consists of an AgriStrategies advisor, the farm owner(s) and/or the manager, and possibly another invited specialist if required

2. KPI’s reviewed and areas for improvement identified

3. Advice provided as needed on agronomy and enterprise performance

4. Meetings are held quarterly.



1. Increase efficiency through improved planning

2. Improve returns by lifting productivity and reducing costs

3. Better decision making through the help of ongoing feedback

4. Reduce stress by close monitoring production plans and financial position

5. Improve communication and accountability within your team

6. Ensure that the business is “Investment Ready"


What does AgriStrategies provide?

1. Thorough business analysis, timely advice, connection to other specialists

2. Specialist skills in agronomy, enterprise management and business

3. Carry out executive duties of the board (meeting agendas, minutes and following up)

4. Continual appraisal of your farming business against industry best practice

NOTE: The Farm Advisory Board service is registered for funding under the NSW Governments Farm Business Skills Development Program. This means that approved participants are able to claim reimbursement of costs (up to 50% of eligible costs, exclusive of GST) upon completion.  A maximum reimbursement of $5,000 (covering all courses/activities over the life of the program) applies for any farmer with reimbursements capped at $9,000 per farm business. Participants need to determine their own eligibility for funding.


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